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ice cream FLAVOURS

BANANA BOAT: Marshmallow and chocolate in Banana flavoured ice cream
BEAR CLAW: Dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate-coated cashews and golden caramel
BIRTHDAY CAKE: White cake flavoured ice cream filled with rainbow chocolatey chips and a blue marshmallow ribbon
BLACK RASPBERRY THUNDER: White chocolate ice cream with the tangy taste of black raspberry puree and white chocolate chunks
BLUE BURIED TREASURE: Blueberry ice cream, with real cream cheese icing and blueberry-pomegranate filled white chocolatey cups
BLUE BUBBLEGUM: Pink gum pieces in a bright-blue bubble gum flavoured ice cream
BORDEAUX CHERRY: Cherry ice cream with sweet black Bordeaux cherries
BUTTER PECAN: Butter and pecan flavoured ice cream with roasted pecan pieces

BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE: Butterscotch ribbon swirled through vanilla ice cream

CARAMEL TURTLES N FUDGE: Caramel ice cream with a thick, fudge ribbon, caramel turtles and chocolate covered pecans

CHERRY CHEESECAKE: Cheesecake ice cream with a cherry swirl and pieces of  graham cracker

CHOCOLATE: Chocolate ice cream for cocoa purists
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE: Chocolate ice cream with chewy fudge brownies

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH: Chocolate chip cookie dough pieces in a cookie-flavoured ice cream

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER: Creamy chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough pieces and a ripple of peanut butter
COCONUT: Coconut ice cream with slivers of toasted coconut

COOKIES & CREAM: White chocolate flavoured ice cream panda cookie chunks
COTTON CANDY: Pink cotton candy flavoured ice cream with a blue-ribbon twirl
CREAMY ORANGE: Tangy orange and rich creamy vanilla blended in perfect proportion
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE: Chocolate ice cream with bittersweet dark chocolate chunks and thick chocolate twister sauce

FRENCH VANILLA: Bourbon vanilla flavour and a rich creamy texture
FUNKY MONKEY: Banana ice cream with peanut butter ripple and broken peanut butter cups

GRAMMY CUPBOARD: Vanilla ice cream with brownies, cookie dough and a peanut butter ribbon

HEAVENLY HASH: Marshmallow and chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered peanuts
MANGO: A smooth and fruity ice cream with mango colour and flavour
MAPLE WALNUT: Rich maple flavour throughout with California walnut pieces

MINT CHIP: A cool mint flavoured ice cream with lots of semi-sweet chocolate chips
MOCHA ALMOND FUDGEA combination of chocolate and coffee, accompanied perfectly with roasted almonds.

MOOSE TRACKS: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups swirled with Moose Tracks fudge
MUSKOKA MOCHA: Mocha flavoured ice cream with mocha fudge sauce and bits of mocha crumb

PISTACHO ALMOND: Green pistachio flavoured ice cream with almonds

PORT STANLEY SUNKEN TREASURES: Vanilla ice cream with a caramel ribbon and traces of chocolate covered almond toffee

PRALINES & CREAM: A rich praline flavoured ice cream with praline pecans and caramel sauce

ROCKY ROAD: Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, pecans and marshmallow ripple

RUM & RAISIN: Rich rum flavoured ice cream with rum-soaked plump raisins
SALTY CARAMEL TRUFFLE: Caramel ice cream infused with sea salt with milk chocolatey truffles with a creamy caramel center

SMORES: Chocolate ice cream with a toasted marshmallow swirl and pieces of graham cracker and chocolate flakes

STRAWBERRY: Real pureed berries

SWEET SALTY PRETZELS: Sweet buttery ice cream with a salted caramel ribbon and chocolate covered pretzel pieces

TIGER TAIL: An orange flavoured ice cream with ribbons of black licorice throughout
UNICORN TOOTS: A purple vanilla butter cake, a pink marshmallow ribbon and rainbow chocolate pieces

additional FLAVOURS


RASPBERRY LEMON - LIME SHERBET:  Three refreshing fruit flavours


No Sugar



Dairy Free







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